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OFEC - "OMW" feat. BG, Koryu, @ProdByNinez
韻マン - HELP ME!!! - (Official Music Video)
LoneLou D - unicorn (Official Video)
YOSHIKI EZAKI - RUNNING (Official Music Video)
Fallsheeps "(Deadend) Offspring"【MV】
HAWK-"Lover"Official Video
YOSHIKI EZAKI - SUSHI SUSHI feat. T-Swagg, RYO (Official Music Video)
Yuu - Forever Young (Official Music Video)
Qua - Lolipop [Official Video]
Xin - New Essencial (Official Video)
D96 - If you would be loved, love and be lovable (Directed by Uchino Keita)
D96 - babe ft.Lake (Directed by Uchino Keita)
pararainy - Between Dreams (feat. SEEDA) [official music video]
Liza - ALL OF YOU (Official Music Video)
Special (Prod by DJ RYOW & SPACE DUST CLUB) - HITOMIN -【Official music video】
illrain - Fearless ft.T-STONE & 018 (Official Video)
Scale / Butterfly feat. Baby kidd Mellow (Official Music Video )
「月の公園」/ Made in Me.【Music Video】
百足&韻マン - 誰のせいに - (Official Music Video)
Liza - もういらない (Official Music Video)
SEVESKIG 2023 S/S Collection | Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S/S
Daichi Wago -犬の夢(Prod.junchai)【上演映像】
Love lives in sealed bottles of regret (Directed by Uchino Keita)
Daichi Wago - 狒々(Prod.junchai)
Double Up - 22 (Official Music Video)
Kalassy Nikoff - 「Overnight Remix feat. Aile The Shota」(Official Video)
夕闇に誘いし漆黒の天使達『危険予測ディスカッション』Music Video
OFEC - "OFE Park" feat. Koryu, BG,
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